Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yes, Please

Yes, please tell me about how incredibly awful your day has been.  Tell me all about how your child didn't get picked for the team.  Tell me about how difficult it is for you to find a gym with yoga AND Zumba available.  Tell me all about the struggles you're having finding a sitter so you can have a date night on Friday because you just can't possibly miss one.

Tell me about your difficulties finding a decent laundry detergent that will get those grass stains out and your trouble finding the exact backpack your son wants for school because they sold out of them at all 3 stores near you. Tell me about how you can't find the perfect gift for your parent's anniversary and what a challenge it has been for you to get everything labelled for the back to school season.

Please, I need something to distract me from my husband being on short term disability and possibly not being able to go back to work ever.  I need something to take my mind off the fact that his doctors don't return our phone calls and no one seems to give a damn about the clock that is ticking on his being able to work.  Above all, I don't want to have the time to sit down and go over the lay statement I just had to write succinctly stating in 500 words or less how much my life SUCKS.

So go on, please.  Tell me all about how difficult your life is right now.

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