Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caught in Nature's Crosshairs

So I'm wanting to begin a walking routine. I waited until Spring finally arrived and then for the flooding to recede. Now I'm stuck with another pair of problems that are not very practical and will not resolve themselves until late fall.

If I walk north, which is my normal preference, I am faced with the likely possibility of meeting up with a coyote or wolf. If I walk south, I am faced with the even more likely possibility of a close encounter with a rattlesnake.

There is no way to go east or west.

So I am trapped in the middle. Wanting very much to go out for a walk. Stuck and afraid to go out to the yard to garden much the less leave the property. I suppose I could walk the "safe" area in circles...but walking up and down the same road makes one look a bit like a potential case for Bellevue...and that's generally an impression I strive to avoid whenever possible.

So now with rising gas prices I'm stuck between get a gym membership and drive 30 min. to town just to be able to walk OR save up and purchase something I can easily walk on at home with the $$ that would have gone to the gym membership. I'm thinking the latter will be the better choice in the long run. *sigh*