Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inner Demons, Outer Struggles

Sometimes when things start going better there is the overwhelming urge to brace for the next downward swoop.

Logic and prior experience tell us to gear up now.

But then we completely miss the good times. We miss when the meds are working well...when the doctor's appointments are few. We miss the fun times with family as we go on self-preservation mode of constantly micromanaging just "in case".

If we can't enjoy the good times, what on earth are we hanging in through the bad times for???

SO many spouses come to me desperate for answers and while I can't tell you that I have them all (because I'm not that big of a liar)...I CAN tell you that if you can't let go and enjoy the good days then you are fighting for NOTHING.

It may be a good hour. It may be a good day...maybe a week.

Maybe you finally cracked the code and it's long term.

Maybe you didn't.

But if you can't enjoy the times when it's good....

Why are you fighting in the first place?